Frequently Asked Moving Questions

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Will I have help in determining how many Pack “N” Load Containers I will need?

Our friendly well trained staff will assist you all along the way. You can speak to one of us as frequently as necessary & we will help you figure out how many Pack “N” Load portable storage containers you require. Generally, 1 1/2 rooms of furniture will fit into one container. An additional Pack “N” Load Container will be delivered so it's handy if you need it. Of course, you are never charged for unused containers.

Can I store heat-sensitive equipment, collectibles and antiques?

During the summer months, our climate-controlled storage is cooled to 85 degrees with a maximum of 65% humidity. In the winter, storages areas are heated to 40 degrees. Cement floors are epoxy painted and units are insulated to protect against condensation and moisture. But, it is always advisable to check your owner's manuals for temperature/moisture limitations.

Will I have trouble placing larger items into these Pack “N” Load Containers?

No you will not have any trouble with larger items. These Pack “N” Load Containers are conveniently sized so that sofas, refrigerators, washers and dryers can easily fit inside. One container can hold up to 2,000 lbs. (an average of 1 1/2 rooms of furniture). Our containers are the same size that moving companies use for their customers' storage. Large enough to fit all of your items, yet suitably sized so that you can reach whatever needs to be retrieved.

Are there additional charges for me to get into my Pack “N” Load Containers while in storage?

No, there are no charges associated with you taking your belongings out or putting things into your Pack “N” Load Containers while in storage. You have access during business hours, 6 days a week simply by calling us 48 hours in advance.

How will the placement of the Pack “N” Load Containers be determined?

Your containers will be placed as conveniently as possible for you to load them. We generally like to place them on a level surface so that the load is evenly distributed. However, we have had to be creative many times in our deliveries. Two Pack “N” Load Containers can easily fit into a regular sized parking stall and if an automobile can fit into a space, so can our Portable Containers. If you suspect that we may have a problem with your location, please let us know and we will be prepared to handle the situation as it arises.

Am I able to ship my Pack “N” Load Containers to another city across the country?

We ship our containers to many large cities in the country. We will be happy to give you a quote.

How expensive are the Pack “N” Load Containers?

Our fees represent monthly storage costs. Delivery is determined by mileage and redelivery is also determined by mileage. There is a one-time administration charge. In addition, if you are interested in additional insurance for your containers we can put you in touch with the insurance company that handles our customers.

Why would I want to do business with Action 9-A?

We are a small, family run business with just one location. Each of our customers is individually cared for to ensure your service comes first. The owners of the company are the on-site supervisors so that if any questions or concerns arise at the time of Pack “N” Load delivery they are answered or handled instantly.

We at Action 9-A look forward to serving your moving & storage needs. We feel that you will be completely satisfied with our handling of your goods. If you have any questions that we have not addressed, please call us at (904) 696-9191 so that we may make your relocation as easy as possible. Thank you for choosing Action 9-A for your moving and storage needs.