Senior Moving

Senior Movers Jacksonville

Action 9-A Moving and Storage

As a senior, there may come a time when you need to move or downsize your home. Maybe the kids and grandkids are grown or you simply want a smaller place to manage. Action 9A is here to help. We specialize in senior moves and are the only Jacksonville moving company that offers special care for all your relocation needs. We ensure you are 100% comfortable with your move to your new home with the following services:

  • Provide Detailed Moving Plan
  • Reduce Content (donations)
  • Arrange for a Garage or Estate Sale
  • Ship Items to Relatives
  • Carefully Pack & Move Keepsakes
  • Debris & Trash Removal
  • Unpack All of Your Boxes
  • Assemble All Furniture
  • Make Your Bed
  • Setup Your Kitchen & Bathrooms
  • Connect Phones, TVs, Lamps & Set Clocks
  • Store Your Leftover Belongings
  • Provide Cleaning Service after We Leave
  • Provide Special Finishing Touches
  • Make You Feel at Home in Your New Home

We also help the children of seniors in Jacksonville make all the arrangements for their parents when the time comes to "rightsize". Often parents prefer moving to an assisted living facility to enjoy the freedom of living on their own combined with the comfort of having help when its needed. Action 9A can take care of all the necessary arrangements. Our goal is to ensure the seniors we service only need to drive to their new home while leaving the rest to us.

At Action 9A, we specialize in senior moves and guarantee your high expectations will be met. Call 904-696-9191 today to discuss your senior move.