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Office Moving and Relocation Services in Jacksonville

An office move in Jacksonville can mean costly downtime for your business as employees dig through boxes for weeks trying to find what they need to get their job done. Action 9-A Inc. offers business moving solutions that put you in control without the hassles of traditional office moves. Instead of parking a "by-the-day" rental truck outside your business and scrambling to get everything loaded. Container moving makes pack up, storage and delivery as simple as 1-2-3. We deliver Pack ā€œNā€ Load containers to your office, you pack them to meet your business needs and our professional drivers will unload your portable storage containers where and when you need them.

Action 9-A Moving and Storage

Stackable File Moving Crates

At Action 9-A Inc., we're always looking for ways to make your move easier, safer and faster. Whether you are moving a corporate office, government office or home office, chances are you have files and other desk-related items to be packed. By using our stackable file crates, you can eliminate heavy lifting, protect sensitive documents, and save money by getting your staff back to work quicker. The next empty crate stacks on top of the last packed crate, so you never have to lift anything. Just zip tie each packed crate for security and our movers will deliver the stack to your new office. You unpack in the exact opposite order, making it easy to keep track of important documents while packing or unpacking.

Use our website's convenient "Get a Free Estimate" contact form for your free office moving quote. To learn more about our monthly specials, call us at 904-696-9191 and we'll help you negotiate the best rates for any office move in Jacksonville, Florida.

Reliable Computer Moving

Your computer equipment can be the lifeblood of your business. Whether you're a MAC or PC based company, Action 9A will safely pack, handle, and transport your computers. There is nothing worse than moving into your new office than to find a damaged computer. Moving is an important decision for any business and finding a local, secure and licensed commercial mover is even more important. Call us today for a free quote.

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