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Jacksonville FL Moving Services

Moving services for Jacksonville residents can be custom-tailored to meet their specific needs. At Action 9-A Inc., we understand that every move doesn't fit the traditional mold. As a full-service moving company, our professionals can help you organize and manage any type move from beginning to end. Choose from our popular moving options, such as you pack it, we pack it, you move it or we move it. Listed below are a few Pack "N" Load portable storage container tips for popular types of Jacksonville area moves:

  • Residential Moving Company Serving Jacksonville
    Enjoy the convenience of Pack “N” Load moving & storage solutions. We deliver as many storage containers as you need to securely pack your furniture, household goods and personal items. You can pack each unit or have our professional staff do it for you. Our driver will pick up and deliver your containers wherever you need; on-time, every time.

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  • Apartment Moving Company
    When moving from an apartment to a home or another apartment complex in Jacksonville, you will find our portable containers to be the most affordable and convenient option. Each Pack “N” Load storage container will typically store the contents of 1 1/2 small rooms, making it easy to identify which container gets delivered to the new apartment and which stays in storage.

  • Office Relocation
    Moving your office or a group of offices from one location to another is disruptive and time-consuming. Let Action 9A help by delivering stackable file crates and portable storage Pack "N" Load containers. By stacking crates on the dolly your employees will never have to do any heavy lifting. By using our portable storage containers to pack your company's physical assets, you control which items are easily accessed during storage by packing them towards the front or sides of the Pack “N” Load container.

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  • Corporate Relocation & Commercial Moving Service
    Business and commercial moves in Jacksonville can benefit from the organized approach and cost efficient results that come from using Pack “N” Load storage containers. Plus, our moving specialists can disassemble or knock down your office cubicles, pack your equipment and ensure safe moving of computers. Pack “N” Load containers make every phase of packing, shipping, storing or unpacking a little easier. For example, a large 750-person corporate move can be completed in as little as one weekend. From move management, to coordination with IT and support staff, to post-move clean up, we can execute your move without a hitch.

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  • Stackable File Moving Crates
    For commercial, government or home office moves, stackable file moving crates from Action-9A make moving easier, faster and safer. Each empty crate stacks on top of the last packed crate, and since the stack sits on its own dolly, you never have to lift anything. Simply pack your files and sensitive office documents, then zip tie each crate for added security. At your new location, simply unpack in the opposite order and you're done.

Action 9-A Moving and Storage

Whether your move involves relocating for a new job or moving with the military, the friendly staff at Action 9-A Inc. can provide valuable moving tips that will keep your valuables safe and secure at rest and in motion. To learn more about moving services in Jacksonville, contact us at 904-696-9191 to speak directly with a representative about your upcoming move.

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