Choosing A Jacksonville Storage Facility

When considering a storage facility in Jacksonville, you need to take into consideration whether the items being placed in the unit are of a monetary or sentimental value to you. Also, do any of the items need special storage conditions so that they remain in good condition? If so, you should consider renting from a climate-controlled facility such as Action 9-A. With 24-hour monitoring and steady climate control, you know your posessions will stay safe.

Once you have chosen a storage facility to rent from, they will provide you with a rental contract or agreement. Prior to signing anything I would suggest that you take the agreement home with you and read through it thoroughly. This will give you time to read the fine print as well as understand just what exactly you are being charged for while you are under contract. Should you have any questions regarding the agreement, then it is wise to talk to the staff at the storage facility before you sign it. Action 9-A is happy to answer any question you may have regarding your storage rental agreement.

Rental contracts and agreements are specifically designed to protect not only the storage company, but the customer  as well. It is therefore important that you keep your part of the contract or agreement in a secure place so should you need to look at it at any time you need. Such contracts and agreements can be easily terminated by providing the right amount of notice as will be stipulated in the contract/agreement.

The costs that will normally be included in the monthly rental fee include basic services such as the rental of the space you have, utilities and insurance. Another cost that you may incur, but not common, is that a storage rental facility may charge you to have access to your unit outside normal working hours. These fees should be clearly shown on the contract that you are going to sign. The first cost you will incur when signing a storage rental facility contract is the deposit fee. This fee is required before you take possession of the unit you are renting and is generally not refundable.

Action 9-A’s costs and fees are clearly laid out to the customer before anythign is signed. We want you to be happy with your decision to use Action 9-A as your storage facility in Jacksonville. Since opening our doors in 1999, the customer has always come first, and always will.